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Sakura Blossom in Uzhhorod, Ukraine 2025

Every spring, blooming Japanese cherry trees draw tourist crowds to the heart of Transcarpathia

Best time: mid-April–early May

Sakura Blossom in Uzhhorod
Sakura Blossom in Uzhhorod

The city of Uzhhorod in the far west of Ukraine is largely famous for its decorative Japanese cherry trees, painting the downtown into vivid pink hues every spring. The season typically starts around mid-April and lasts up to middle May, usually peaking at the end of April/beginning of May. Still, depending on the weather conditions, the timeframe might shift a week in one direction or another. Thus, following the latest reports while planning your prime "sakura" viewing trip is essential. As for the most prolific spots around the city, we recommend the so-called Sakura Alley, which embraces Mytna Street, Dovzhenko Street, Ferenta Rakotsi Street, and ​​Pushkin Square. Yet, you might find beautiful cherry blossoms all over Uzhhorod.

During the blooming season, which typically extends for two weeks, the city hosts Uzhhorod Sakura Fest. The visitors traditionally stroll along Sakura Alley and feast on local delicacies, sold by vendors at the Heroes of Maidan Square and the Owl's Nest (Sovyne Hnizdo), a historical Hungarian brewery. Make sure to sample rosé wines from Chizay wineries, some spit-roasted whole pig, sausages, and homemade honey. Also, you'll find a number of stalls selling authentic Transcarpathian handicrafts.

You might be curious about how Japanese cherries were introduced to Uzhhorod. The legends of the origins differ, but according to the most likely one, the first decorative sakura tree was brought here from Vienna in 1923. Today, the city boasts about ten different kinds of this beautiful tree. No wonder sakura's blooming season is the most popular time with tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad. Hence comes an increased accommodations demand. Thus, booking your stay in advance is highly advisable.

Practical info

When is the best time to see the cherry blossoms in Uzhhorod?

To experience the cherry blossoms in Uzhhorod, visit from mid-April to early May, when the Japanese cherry trees cover the city in a floral pink veil. Note that the precise timing of the season changes each year and is influenced by the temperature and rainfall. Check the latest reports to get an accurate estimation. Due to the season's popularity, it's recommended to plan and book accommodations in advance. Show more

What are the ideal locations to view the cherry blossoms in Uzhhorod?

During Sakura season, the best places to witness cherry blossoms in Uzhhorod are Sakura Alley, Mytna Street, Dovzhenko Street, Ferenta Rakotsi Street, and Pushkin Square. You'll find that flowering Japanese cherry trees are present throughout the city. Keep in mind that Sakura Alley gets busy, especially on weekends and during the Uzhhorod Sakura Fest. Arrive early in the morning or choose to visit on weekdays for a more serene viewing experience. Show more

What is the typical duration of the sakura blossom season in Uzhhorod?

Typically, the sakura blossom season in Uzhhorod lasts around two weeks, beginning in late April. However, exact timings vary due to climate and temperature fluctuations, with peak bloom occurring in the last days of April or the beginning of May. Some sakura trees bloom earlier than others, and some may bloom later, with some cherry trees still in bloom in the second half of May. Show more

How did the cherry trees first arrive in Uzhhorod?

Uzhhorod is the proud host to ten diverse varieties of cherry trees currently in bloom. The first Japanese cherry tree is believed to have been transported to Uzhhorod in 1923 from Vienna, Austria. Since then, the annual Sakura season has gained tremendous popularity and attracts visitors from across Ukraine and other countries. There are several legends describing the roots of the cherry trees in Uzhhorod, but this account seems to be the most accurate. Show more

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