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Almond Bloom in California

The first sign of spring on the Pacific Coast

Best time: mid-February–early March

Almond Bloom
Almond Bloom
Almond Bloom
Almond orchard near Durham in February
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Almond orchards occupy one million acres in California (about 405,000 ha), according to the US Department of Agriculture. So every year, from mid-February to early or mid-March, the countryside in Northern and Central California dresses up in delicate white and pink flowers. The last week of February is the ultimate time.

The "valley snow"

When the almond petals fall on the ground, they create a tender blanket, which locals call "the valley snow." This mesmerizing phenomenon happens in early or mid-March. In addition to gorgeous pictures of the blossoms that you can share with your friends, the smell of the almond trees is no less impressive. And you can keep that memory just for yourself.

Where to see almond bloom in California

The almond bloom is massive throughout the Central Valley, where almonds are one of the main crops. Durham is a popular spot for almond blossoms.

In the Sacramento area, take a road trip from Woodland to Dixon. This 18 mi (29 km) drive will take you through the most luxurious almond orchards in Northern California. You can also see blooming almond trees along CA-16.

Further south, there are many almond orchards in the Modesto area, namely Alldrin Almond Orchards, as well as Phippen Orchard in Ripon, San Joaquin County. A bit more distant Bakersfield also boasts exuberant blooming orchards.

Most almond farms are quite small. Family-owned orchards comprise the majority of farms in the region. Together they produce about 80 percent of the world's almonds.

Practical info

When can almond blossoms be seen in California?

Almond blossoms can be witnessed from mid-February to early or mid-March, with the last week of February being the ideal time. Northern and Central California become covered in delicate white and pink flowers of the almond trees, creating stunning scenery. This is a popular attraction in The Golden State each year. Show more

Which places in California are popular for almond blossom viewing?

Durham, located in the Central Valley, is a popular destination for almond blossom viewing. Driving along the 18-mile route from Woodland to Dixon, two towns in the Sacramento area, through Northern California's luxurious almond orchards is a breathtaking experience. Almond orchards located in Modesto, San Joaquin County, and Bakersfield are also known for their spectacular almond blossoms. Show more

What is meant by the term 'valley snow' in California?

The term 'valley snow' is used to describe the almond petals that fall and create a delicate blanket on the ground. This phenomenon can be seen from early to mid-March and is a mesmerizing sight, with the sweet smell of almond trees filling the air. The almond flowers' white and pink colors make for beautiful images and lasting memories. Show more

How extensive are the almond farms in California?

California's almond farms cover around one million acres (about 405,000 ha), making almonds one of the state's most popular crops. Most of these farms are family-owned and contribute to 80 percent of the world's almonds. The almond industry is also one of the state's biggest employers, providing over 100,000 jobs. Show more

Is it possible to tour family-owned almond orchards in California?

Many family-owned almond orchards in California allow visitors to tour their property. However, guests should respect the owner's privacy and property by asking for permission before accessing it. Some orchards offer tours to visitors interested in the almond blossoms and the industry's history. It is essential for guests to follow the tour guides' instructions to ensure everyone is safe. Show more

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