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Best time to travel to Seattle

Wildflowers Bloom

With the arrival of spring, valleys and mountain slopes get covered by wildflowers

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Residents of Seattle are lucky to have so many stunning natural preserves and wilderness right next to the city. Early spring is the perfect time to hit the trail to see balsamroot, delicate calypso orchids or bright salmonberry bushes in bloom. If you missed it, don't worry, many wildflowers bloom all over the state of Washington until August, providing hundreds of opportunities for scenic hikes.

Visit the Sugarloaf Mountain near Puget Sound & Anacortes. A moderate elevation of 890 feet (300 m) ensures you will find plenty of interesting mountainous flora. Not far from it, Fidalgo Head Loop Trail is one of the most scenic places. Or go higher to the central Cascades. The area near Leavenworth Bavarian village is often called Washington Alps due to its similarity to the European mountains. Visit Fourth of July Creek trail to Icicle Ridge to observe the maximum of wild plants.

Chelan Lakeshore Trail in Central Cascades features beautiful snow-capped peaks in spring that surrounds a sapphire-blue lake, where the banks are covered with wildflowers—lilac, lupine, popcorn flowers, balsamroot, and miner's lettuce.

Mima Mounds Preserve on the Olympic Peninsula features vast fields of camas in bloom. This destination is great for families as trails are paved and comfortable.

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