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Best time to visit Seattle

Seaplane Flight

Bird's-eye views of Seattle and the fantastic nature of the Northwest


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Taking a seaplane flight is a must-do Seattle experience, which will give you the excitement of flying off the water and soaring over beautiful Washington State. A sightseeing flight over Seattle costs about $100 and lasts for 20 minutes. You’ll take off and land on beautiful Lake Union. You'll see the University of Washington, magnificent coastline, and the downtown skyline on Elliott Bay.

If you take a longer flight, you can visit the San Juan Islands, Victoria or the Inside Passage to enjoy the beautiful nature in one of the most scenic regions of the world.

A 90-minute flight tour from Seattle can take you to Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens' Volcano. You'll see Rainier’s 25 glaciers, the biggest collection of permanent ice south of Alaska and you’ll ​also have the perfect view of Mount St. Helens’ two-mile-wide crater.

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