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Paragliding and Hang Gliding in Austria

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Best time: March–November

Paragliding and Hang Gliding
Paragliding and Hang Gliding

Tyrol is a perfect region for paragliding and hang gliding! Numerous mountains can be the beginning of your perfect flight. There are several ​places in Austria that are especially popular. First of all is the Wilder Kaiser mountain range. This is where most paragliding and hang gliding takes place. Lienz and its surrounding areas are also popular due to its stable weather conditions. Perfect conditions can also be found in Venet, Landeck. There you can also find a hang gliding school. A great start in this kind of sport can be a tandem flight. Certificated instructors will guide you down to earth safely. Lift facilities and funicular are available at every destination. So, leave the mess of everyday life behind and fly like a bird in the Tyrolean sky. This can certainly be an adventure of a lifetime.

Practical info

When is the perfect time to visit Tyrol for paragliding and hang gliding?

Paragliding and hang gliding can be enjoyed in Tyrol from March to November, when weather conditions are conducive. It is advised that cautious preparation and cross-checking of weather predictions be done before scheduling the flight due to the effect of time and weather on launching and landing and how suited it is for a particular section of the year. Show more

Which locations are the most sought-after destinations for hang gliding and paragliding in Austria?

The most-sought-after paragliding and hang gliding locations in Austria are Wilder Kaiser, Lienz, and Venet in Landeck in Tyrol. The action takes place in Wilder Kaiser, as it has high mountain peaks, Lienz is known for having relatively stable weather conditions, and Venet is home to the hang gliding school. All locations are well equipped with funiculars and lift facilities for an easy takeoff. Show more

What weather conditions favor a safe paragliding and hang gliding experience in Lienz?

Optimum weather conditions for safe paragliding and hang gliding in Lienz are sunny weather, low wind levels, and good visibility. Pilots need good visibility to have a clear perspective of the terrain and any potential danger. Poor weather may hinder the takeoff and landing processes. Consequently, checking the weather forecasts before flights in this region is essential. Show more

Can one get hang gliding lessons in Venet, Landeck?

Venet in Landeck has a renowned hang gliding school that provides professional lessons to anyone who wants to learn or reinforce their hang gliding skills. Course options range from beginner courses to advanced level courses taught in either individual or group settings, with a team of skilled and licensed instructors. All details regarding payment and course schedules are available on the school’s website. Show more

Are lift facilities and funiculars available at every paragliding and hang gliding location in Tyrol?

Indeed, every hang gliding and paragliding site in Tyrol has lift facilities and funiculars to transport para-gliders and hang gliders to their takeoff sites. These facilities alleviate the effort needed to reach the mountain peak and takeoff sites. It is advised that the lift schedules be checked beforehand to ensure that they match the flight schedule. Show more

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