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In comparison to sky diving, paragliding allows the pilot to control their flight, making them midair masters


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Although paragliding might seem a peaceful and easy kind of sport, in fact, it is rather scary as you should watch out not to scratch yourself against the rock, for example. To avoid such accidents you have to learn how to operate the paragliding equipment, namely its speed bar and brake handles. However, the feelings while soaring in the sky are incomparable, when you have total control over your flight and choose the direction yourself. Picturesque spots suitable for paragliding are scattered all over New Zealand and paragliding schools offer their services if necessary. One of the most spectacular paragliding locations in New Zealand is Queenstown, it is listed among top 10 world's paragliding sites. As to the appropriate season, the best time for flying is from March to September owing to the moderate temperatures, however, ​paraglyding is actually available year round.

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