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Paragliding in New Zealand 2024

In comparison to sky diving, paragliding allows the pilot to control their flight, making them midair masters

Best time: March–September


Although paragliding might seem a peaceful and easy kind of sport, in fact, it is rather scary as you should watch out not to scratch yourself against the rock, for example. To avoid such accidents you have to learn how to operate the paragliding equipment, namely its speed bar and brake handles. However, the feelings while soaring in the sky are incomparable, when you have total control over your flight and choose the direction yourself. Picturesque spots suitable for paragliding are scattered all over New Zealand and paragliding schools offer their services if necessary. One of the most spectacular paragliding locations in New Zealand is Queenstown, it is listed among top 10 world's paragliding sites. As to the appropriate season, the best time for flying is from March to September owing to the moderate temperatures, however, ​paraglyding is actually available year round.

Practical info

What are some good locations for paragliding in New Zealand?

New Zealand is home to numerous locations for paragliding, such as Christchurch, Auckland, Wanaka, and Queenstown, the latter of which is counted among the top 10 paragliding spots worldwide. Along with these, other picturesque locations like Coronet Peak and Mount Hutt offer ideal environments for paragliding enthusiasts. Show more

When is the most favorable time for paragliding in New Zealand?

Paragliding is best done in New Zealand between March and September months when climatic temperatures remain quite moderate. However, it may be noted that paragliding is offered throughout the year as per the feasible weather conditions and wind speeds of the day. Flyers must always double-check the weather forecast before heading out as unpredictable weather alterations can affect flight safety. Show more

How does paragliding differ from skydiving?

Compared to skydiving, where the flyer experiences free-fall before the chute-opening, paragliding is a comparatively slower and peaceful activity where the rider can control direction and velocity while in midair. Besides, paragliding enables paragliders to stay airborne for multiple hours by maneuvering close to ground levels while skydiving normally lasts for just several minutes. Show more

What are some recommended ways for beginners to learn paragliding equipment operation?

To learn the nitty-gritty about operating paragliding equipment, it is advisable to take lessons from a trustworthy paragliding school. Reputable schools in New Zealand provide classes for varying levels of experience. As a beginner, you need to receive fundamental equipment-related knowledge like harness, wing, and lines operation, coupled with learning the advanced but essential techniques including brake handles and speed bar operation which control the wing during the flight. Show more

What makes Queenstown a top-tier paragliding destination worldwide?

Queenstown is a world-renowned paragliding destination that offers stunning views of the Remarkables mountain range, scenic landscapes, and Lake Wakatipu. Furthermore, it is a hub of many experienced paragliding professionals and schools that cater to varied skill levels, thereby making it an excellent location to enrich or perfect one's flying skills. Another significant factor contributing to the appeal of Queenstown is its beneficial and predictable climatic conditions throughout the year, including moderate temperatures and steady winds. Show more

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