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Paragliding in Macedonia

Paragliding in Macedonian mountains is a heavenly experience

Every year, pilots from all over the world come to Macedonia for some of the best flights in Europe, doubling the population of this small Balkan country. There are two major flying sites: Ohrid lake has ideal conditions for SIV/acro courses, while the mountain chain near Krusevo, with its cloud base reaching 9800 feet (3000 m), offers long cross-country flights.

Macedonia also annually hosts many paragliding championships. Stunning landscapes, impressive mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and delicious traditional dishes are a great addition to your unforgettable paragliding experience.

Practical info

When is paragliding possible in Macedonia?

The paragliding season in Macedonia runs from May to September, attracting pilots from around the world with the excellent and stable weather conditions during this period. This small Balkan country provides the ideal environment for flying, and during this season, almost double the population of Macedonia arrives to enjoy the amazing flights. Show more

Which are the most popular flying sites in Macedonia?

Krusevo and Ohrid Lake are the two major sites for paragliding in Macedonia that draw paragliding enthusiasts from around the world. The Krusevo mountains are perfect for long cross-country flights, and pilots can reach a cloud base of 9800 feet or 3000 m. On the other hand, Ohrid Lake is an excellent place for SIV/acro courses and flying in picturesque landscapes while para-gazing. Show more

What is the ideal weather for paragliding in Macedonia?

Macedonia's mild and stable weather from May to September creates the ultimate paragliding environment. The pleasant summer weather allows pilots to fly flatland and cross-country while enjoying blue skies and thermals. However, afternoon thunderstorms could pose a risk, and pilots must always check weather conditions with the local flying school and the Macedonian Paragliding Association before taking off. Show more

Aside from paragliding, what other activities are available in Macedonia?

In addition to paragliding, Macedonia offers numerous other activities for visitors to engage in. Tourists who enjoy exploring the great outdoors are in for a treat since the country has several national parks such as Mavrovo, Galicica, and Pelister. Visitors can hike, camp or even try kayaking. Culture enthusiasts can visit historic sites such as the Stone Bridge in Skopje, the capital city, or an ancient city of Ohrid to take in the country's rich cultural heritage. Show more

What are some classic Macedonian dishes that visitors should try while visiting?

Macedonian cuisine is renowned for its grilled meat and fresh vegetables influenced by Balkan and Mediterranean flavours. Visitors must sample the flavourful kebapi, consisting of grilled minced meat, sour cream, onions, and bread, considered a staple in Macedonia. Visitors can also try the delicious tavche gravche, a hot and tasty slow-cooked bean stew with smoked meat and served with crusty bread. Ajvar, a red pepper spread that Macedonia is famous for, is an ideal accompaniment to any dish and an experience in itself. Show more

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