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Skydiving in Grand Canyon

Enjoy a freefall in one of the world's top ten skydiving destinations

Best time: all year round


Seeing the Grand Canyon itself is a lifetime experience and viewing it from the altitude of 15,000 ft is totally exhilarating. This extreme activity is available at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. You'll soar above its deepest, widest, and most colourful parts. No wording would be sufficient to describe the vistas you are going to see during your freefall. The photos cannot even convey all the beauty. You have to experience it!

The whole tour takes about two hours; time depends on the number of participants. The group can be up to 15 individuals. The plane reaches the altitude in about 25 minutes, and the fall itself takes 3 to 7 minutes, depending on the weather, as well as the weight of the skydiver. The speed of such a freefall may reach up to 220 kph (124 mph) which is incredibly thrilling. And the most important—you don't need any previous experience, as qualified tandem instructors provide pre-jump training.

Tandem Skydiving is available year-round, it's weather-dependent, with a shifting schedule in different seasons. Paragon Skydive is located at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

Practical info

When is the best time to go skydiving over the Grand Canyon?

Skydiving is available throughout the year. However, the optimal time to indulge in this activity is between March and October, when the temperatures are comfortable, and the sky is clear. The winter months can be snow-laden and windy, which may lead to unexpected cancellations. Show more

Where exactly is Paragon Skydive located?

Paragon Skydive is positioned within the Grand Canyon National Park Airport that lies approximately seven miles towards the southeast of Tusayan and sixty-five miles in the North of Williams, Arizona. Tourists take airplane rides from Flagstaff Airport to reach the Grand Canyon National Park Airport that is an integral component of the entire experience. Show more

What is the weight limit for skydiving in Grand Canyon?

Skydiving in Grand Canyon ensures that the participant's weight does not exceed 240 lbs (109kg). Additionally, for people under 6ft tall, their weight must be proportional to their height to avoid any discomfort while in the parachute harness. Show more

How long is the pre-jump training?

The pre-jump training lasts around 20-30 minutes, during which the instructor familiarizes the passengers with the safety guidelines. The briefing session includes an overview of oxygen usage, breathing techniques, correct posture, and safe exiting procedures while leaving the aircraft. This activity does not require significant prior experience or training. Show more

Can I bring my camera for photos or videos?

Personal cameras are restricted during the skydiving activity as it poses unforeseeable risks to the instructors, pilots and passengers. However, specialized videographers are available who capture the breathtaking views of your jump experience, and provide you with the footage at an additional cost. Show more

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