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Paragliding in Chile

Chilean landscapes are particularly beautiful when observed from the sky in flight


Pilots love Chile for its year-round paragliding opportunities and mesmerizing landscapes embracing the Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert, and the Pacific Ocean​, which are best enjoyed in flight. Iquique is renowned as the most popular paragliding site, listed among the world's top ten places to fly. The peak season stretches roughly over mid-September through February owing to the most favorable flying conditions.

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When is the best time to go paragliding in Chile?

The season from mid-September through February offers the best flying conditions, with less rainfall, better visibility, and more stable air. Although opportunities are available all year round, the peak season provides the most favorable weather patterns and flying experience, influencing pilots' preference for the time. Choosing the right season ensures that pilots enjoy the best windows of opportunity for the activity, enhancing safety and the quality of the experience. Show more

Where is the best place to go paragliding in Chile?

Iquique is one of the world's top ten paragliding destinations, offering unique scenery that includes the Pacific Ocean, desert, and the Andes Mountains. There are various schools, instructors, and equipment providers available in the city, providing tourists with a wide selection of choices. The town is a well-established paragliding hub that enhances the overall experience, ensuring that pilots can enjoy their flights with ease and comfort. Show more

What are some of the most scenic spots to see while paragliding in Chile?

The landscapes while paragliding in Chile are incredibly eye-catching, including the Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert, and the Pacific Ocean. Other locations with great views include La Serena, which offers stunning sights of the Pacific, and the Andean foothills, which provide equally exquisite views. Lago Villarrica and Lago Ranco are also ideal for those who love panoramic vistas. Chimbarongo vineyards are another picturesque site that can make a paragliding tour even more memorable. Show more

How experienced do you need to be to go paragliding in Chile?

Paragliding schools in Chile cater to everyone, including pilots at various skill levels. Beginners can book tandem flights to experience the thrill of paragliding with the help of experienced pilots. Intermediate pilots can take courses lasting a few days or weeks to sharpen their skills. More advanced sites require more experienced pilots as well. Therefore, it is highly advisable to assess skills and consult an expert instructor before attempting any advanced paragliding activity. Show more

Are there any safety measures to follow while paragliding in Chile?

Paragliding in Chile, just like any adventurous sport, including inherent risks. However, by observing necessary safety procedures, pilots can minimize the risks that come with the sport. It is essential to fly with experienced pilots or instructors, perform equipment checks, ensure that the weather conditions are favorable, and carry a radio to communicate with the ground crew. Always follow safety guidelines provided by the local flying clubs or schools, as they will improve your safety and enhance your experiences. Show more

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