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Paragliding in Taiwan

Paragliding is a breathtaking experience. Solo or tandem flights are possible in Taiwan with special safety measures

Best time: September–March


Taiwan has a big variety of outdoor activities including extreme sports like paragliding. Paragliding draws tourists from Japan, Korea, and all over the world, to see spectacular views from a bird's point of view. Puli, in Nantou County is good for professionals with licenses. Be wary because it can get quite crowded on weekends in season. Saijia, in Pingdong County is very popular with Japanese and Korean pilots. Kaotai has several places to launch from the coastal mountains but the local club discourages this and at least one is within Taitung airport's TCA (Terminal Control Area). The Taidong club is run largely by tandem pilots so they prefer to keep all flying at Kaotai where visibility is better.

Practical info

When is the best time to go paragliding in Taiwan?

Paragliding in Taiwan is ideal from September to March, during drier months with fewer typhoons. Good weather conditions during these months allow for longer and higher flights, making it possible to enjoy breathtaking views for a longer period while ensuring safety. Show more

Where are the top paragliding destinations in Taiwan?

Taiwan provides exceptional paragliding experiences in various locations. Experienced paragliders are drawn to Puli in Nantou County, whereas Saijia is preferred by Korean and Japanese pilots. Coastal mountains in Kaotai are also commonly used to launch paragliders. Enlisting the expertise of local clubs can ensure beginners find the ideal location and environment for their skill level. Show more

What are the safety measures in place for paragliding in Taiwan?

Paragliding in Taiwan is executed with strict adherence to safety rules and precautionary measures. While paragliding facilities provide the necessary equipment and training, pilots must follow safety checklists, monitor weather forecasts and maintain routine equipment maintenance to ensure the safety of the public and pilots themselves. Show more

Can beginners try paragliding in Taiwan?

Taiwan provides paragliding opportunities for beginners by offering professional guides from local clubs. Beginner pilots can experience their first flight with tandem pilots to increase safety and confidence. This experience allows them to enjoy the scenery without rigorous training. Paragliding clubs usually offer personalized packages to provide novice pilots with a magnificent experience regardless of their skill level. Show more

Is it possible to go tandem paragliding in Taiwan?

Taiwan offers tandem paragliding flights that include novice pilots and experienced tandem pilots. Compared to solo paragliding, tandem flights are known to be more relaxed with minimal training needed to go airborne and no vast knowledge of paragliding. Tandem flights are also believed to be safer than solo flights, allowing tandem pilots to focus on providing a fun and memorable experience. Show more

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