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Paragliding in Argentina

Soaring among mountainous ridges and above expansive hills is the dream of any thrill seeker!


Argentina has enough mountains and cliffs where one can feel the joy of free flight. One of the most famous spots perfect for newcomers and experts is Cuchi Corral accessible from La Cumbre. The area has several local Aeroclubs which offer paragliding services. In 2000, the Paragliding World Cup was held here.

If you are a beginner, you may practice at the training hill with an advanced expert. There are many wonderful hillsides and fields there that let beginners touch the ground again without any risks. Great amounts of patience are required to learn paragliding. Ideally, the wind should be light and steady for learning. In La Cumbre, the hills usually make strong headwinds, just perfect for the advanced paragliders. The terrain has excellent height differences between takeoff and landing sites. For earth dwellers, the view from the top is impressive!

Another paragliding centre in Centre Sierras is Cerro Carpintería Mountain. It's located in San Luis and is accessible from Merlo. In Mendoza, the famous spot is Cerro Arco Mountain in Cuyo. You'll also find a range of paragliding sites in the northeast provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca, Tucumán, and La Rioja. Likewise, Patagonia is rich in paragliding locations—check out the mountains of Bariloche or El Bolsón in Andean Patagonia and the cliffs of Las Grutas in Atlantic Patagonia.

The prime season to practice this sports in Argentina is austral spring and early summer, that's September to December. January and February are too rainy to enjoy this activity. Late February to early March is also the appropriate season for paragliding, particularly in Andean Patagonia.

Practical info

Where is the best place for paragliding in Argentina?

The beautiful Cuchi Corral in La Cumbre, accessible via Aeroclubs, is a renowned spot for paragliding in Argentina. It is an ideal destination for novices and experts in equal measure. Paragliders can also choose from numerous other sites like Cerro Carpintería Mountain in San Luis, Cerro Arco Mountain in Cuyo or Las Grutas in Atlantic Patagonia. El Bolsón or Bariloche in Andean Patagonia are also suitable for experienced individuals seeking more profound challenges. Show more

When is the best time to go for paragliding in Argentina?

Austral spring and early summer, between September and December, are the best times to enjoy paragliding in Argentina. Paragliding in January and February is unfavorable because of the heavy rainfall. Late February to early March, on the other hand, is an ideal time for paragliding in Andean Patagonia's challenging conditions. However, different locations may have diverse and unique weather conditions making them suitable for paragliding at different times of the year. Show more

Can beginners try paragliding in Argentina?

Beginners looking to try paragliding in Argentina are in luck. La Cumbre in Cuchi Corral has small hills for training novices. Paragliding experts handle the instruction. Learning in light and steady winds is ideal. Fields with smaller hillsides can also be used to learn. Success requires patience and technical skills with proper safety measures. Show more

Which other regions in Argentina are good for paragliding?

Several regions in northeast Argentina like Tucumán, Catamarca, Salta, La Rioja, and Jujuy have various paragliding sites with different challenges. The volcanic cones in Catamarca, such as Cerro Ancasti, have the perfect weather conditions for paragliding. Patagonia has exciting landscapes and magnificent views fit for experienced paragliders looking for substantial challenges. Show more

How is the wind condition for paragliding in Argentina?

The wind condition for paragliding in Argentina varies significantly between regions. La Cumbre, for instance, typically has strong headwinds caused by the hills, perfect for experienced paragliders. Patagonia is famous for its harsh and extreme winds, making it an ideal destination for professional paragliders. The winds there remain relatively consistent year-round, suiting experienced pilots. Perfect weather for paragliding is mostly light and steady winds. Show more

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