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Paragliding in Bulgaria
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Paragliding in Bulgaria is becoming more and more popular. There are several clubs for this sport and thousands of enthusiasts who will be happy to explore the Earth from a bird's eye view while hanging on the paraglider's wing. This sport is popular in Sofia, especially in the area of the Vitosha Mountains.

Paragliding is also common on the Black Sea coast. Training flights in Bulgaria are conducted at Sopot, one of the best and most accessible places on earth for training, mastery, and simply paragliding. For pilots of any level, a trip to this town will be of interest both for flying tech and recreation. It is also possible for beginner learners and training for competitive flights.

Generally, Bulgaria boasts several places with favorable conditions for paragliding: Gotse Delchev, Mount Okolchitsa, Sliven, Shumen, and Plovdiv. The Rose Valley offers some excellent XC flying locations, while Beklemeto provides takeoffs to the North and South. The best months for paragliding are April to September. However, some more extreme paragliders prefer to "fly" during the winter season.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to experience paragliding in Bulgaria?

April to September is the peak season for paragliding in Bulgaria, but some paragliders prefer to excel in the winter season. Heavy precipitation and windy weather can make paragliding in Bulgaria risky and unpredictable during the rainy season between November and February. Show more

What are the prime locations to enjoy a paragliding activity in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has various options to choose from when it comes to paragliding spots, such as the Rose Valley, Mt. Okolchitsa, Beklemeto, Shumen, Plovdiv, Sopot, Gotse Delchev, and Black Sea. The Vitosha Mountains attract numerous paragliding enthusiasts, and most paragliding clubs are located in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital. Visitors can opt for a spectacular paragliding experience on the Black Sea coast as well. Show more

What level of proficiency is necessary for paragliding in Bulgaria?

Paragliding clubs offer training programs for pilots of all experience levels in Bulgaria. Sopot is a top-rated location for learning and mastering paragliding, providing training services for beginners and hosting competitive flights. To ensure safety and proper control of gliders, basic training, including landing, takeoff, glider control, and safety, must be completed by pilots. Intermediate-level flyers must consider flying with experienced pilots for a better experience. Show more

Are there any age requirements for paragliding in Bulgaria?

Paragliding does not have any age requirements in Bulgaria. However, certain clubs may demand consent from the parents if the paraglider is under 18 years of age. Paragliding's physical demands necessitate participants to be physically fit and capable of taking on the activity's challenges. Prior to paragliding, any health restrictions must be taken into account. Show more

How should one dress while going paragliding in Bulgaria?

It is important to dress sensibly, even during summers, as temperatures usually decrease at higher altitudes. It is also essential to wear ankle-supporting, waterproof boots or shoes. Loose-fitting clothes are not recommended, and comfortable, snug clothes are favored, considering the glider lines' susceptibility. Dressing suitable for weather unpredictability with a windbreaker or jacket and hat is critical too. Show more

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