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Horseback Riding in Bulgaria

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Horseback Riding
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All horseback riding routes in Bulgaria are fascinating. During the ride, you will discover mountains, forests, monuments of architecture, get acquainted with local life, and taste Bulgarian wine. The most suitable season for horse riding in the country lasts from April to October.

You can find many horseback riding options in Varna, especially in Albena. Here you can take not only a group but also an individual walk at any time. The horse base in Kranevo can provide a small field with an obstacle course and barriers.

Among the most popular is the route from the town of Koprivshtitsa, which passes through the Sredna Gora. Another spot for riding is the mountains of the Rhodopes. Additionally, you can take combined routes with the Sredna Gora and the Balkan Range regions, especially in the village of Apriltsi.

Another pleasant ride is along Rose Valley, which is located between Karlovo and Kazanlak. These picturesque spaces attract visitors with their beauty and aroma. You can also take a ride from Plovdiv to Brestovitsa.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Bulgaria for horseback riding?

Horseback riding is best in Bulgaria from April to October, when the routes are open, and the landscape is lush. It's important to check the weather and wear appropriate clothes. Bring the necessary equipment, and be prepared to enjoy a great ride. Show more

Where can I find horseback riding options in Bulgaria?

Horseback riding is available all over Bulgaria, including in Varna and Albena for group and individual walks, Kranevo for a small field with obstacles, Apriltsi for combined routes with the Sredna Gora and the Balkan Range regions. Koprivshtitsa, Rhodope Mountains, Rose Valley, Plovdiv to Brestovitsa are also popular for horseback riding. Show more

Which are the most popular horse riding routes in Bulgaria?

Popular horse riding routes include Koprivshtitsa through Sredna Gora, Rhodope Mountains, combined routes with Sredna Gora and the Balkan range in Apriltsi, and Rose Valley located between Karlovo and Kazanlak. Each route offers breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural experiences, and fascinating history. Show more

What can I expect to see during my ride through Rose Valley?

Riding through Rose Valley, you will see hundreds of rose plantations, the rose petal harvest, and breathe in the fragrant rose-scented air. On the way, you'll see ancient Thracian tombs, historical sites, and picturesque landscapes throughout. Show more

When is the ideal season to combine horse riding with exploring the Balkan Range region?

The best time to go horseback riding in the Balkan Range region is from May to September. The pleasant weather and accessible trails allow for beautiful forest rides, through clear rivers, and picturesque mountains. The Balkan range is home to unique wildlife, rich history, and local cultural traditions that enhance the experience greatly. Show more

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