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Horse Riding in the Snow in Norway

Hardy Scandinavian horses have been the most reliable means of transportation for centuries

Best time: November—March

Horse Riding in the Snow

Viking horses were probably the most hardy ones found in the entire world, they could plough through any terrain in any weather carrying a heavy Scandinavian on their backs. Norwegian fjord horses descend from their Viking ancestors. Horse riding is a year-round activity, but it seems a bit unreasonable to ride the strong jumpers in dry summertime when they can endure much more. Severe snowy season stretching from November to March allows the riders to try everything the Norwegian horses are capable of.

One of the best spots to experience horseback riding is Geilo Hestesenter in Geilo.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Norway for horseback riding?

Visitors seeking a horse riding adventure in Norway should plan their trip between November to March during the winter season. These are the ideal months for experienced riders to explore the terrain. Viking horses and Norwegian fjord horses are available for riding and can cope with all weather conditions. The experience of riding outside of the winter months will not offer the same challenge, as the mild weather conditions provide easy riding. Show more

Where is Geilo Hestesenter located?

Geilo Hestesenter can be found in the beautiful location of Geilo, in Norway. A range of horseback riding and carriage tours, catering for both beginners and experts, is on offer at the centre. The location boasting of mesmerising natural beauty makes this the ideal place for riders to enjoy horseback riding. Although there are plenty of other options, Geilo Hestesenter stands out as an exceptional horseback riding location in Norway. Show more

What types of horses can be ridden in Norway?

Norway offers two types of horse breeds suitable for horseback riding. The Viking horses are known for their strength and stamina, with the ability to cope with all weather conditions and challenging terrain. The Norwegian fjord horses are also capable of withstanding tough weather. They are smaller in size but versatile and originally bred for farm work. Anyone can enjoy riding these horses for recreational purposes, and they are widely available for tourists to ride. Show more

How experienced do you need to be to go horseback riding in Norway?

The recommended experience level for horseback riding in Norway varies depending on the trail chosen. Inexperienced riders can participate in rides on established trails popular with tourists. However, for riders to take on wild trails in more challenging terrains require greater riding experiences. Such riders need full control over riding equipment and should feel confident when managing horses to successfully embark on these experiences. Show more

What is the scenery like during a winter horseback riding tour in Norway?

A winter horseback riding tour in Norway provides riders with an opportunity to marvel at the icy winter wonderland scenery. The breathtaking landscape is covered in snow, and the possibility of encountering wildlife such as reindeer, eagles, and lynx awaits. The northern lights complement the experience adding a magical touch to the ride. Tourists can expect incredible views of snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes and rivers, and frozen waterfalls amidst an evergreen forest. Show more

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