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Donkeys in Cyprus

They give milk, they are cute, they can give you a ride—they are adorable Cypriot donkeys

Best time: April–October


More than a century ago Cyprus was a land where donkeys could be found almost everywhere both as domestic and wild animals. Today Cypriot donkeys live mostly in reservations.

Fortunately for tourists, some donkey reservations are open for tourists the whole year around. They offer various attractions with these cute animals. You can volunteer to take care of them, you can adopt one—of course, it will stay in the farm but you will know that one specific donkey lives a happy life thanks to you. Also, you can try donkey riding which is a fun and unique experience, and those who expect it to be similar to horse riding will be very surprised. Donkey safaris are usually offered during the warmer time of the year, namely between April and October.

For the fans of healthy food donkey farms have shops, where they can buy donkey milk and cosmetics. Local people say that it has anti-aging and a purifying effect. The best time to travel to donkey farms is during late spring and summer.

Also keep an eye on a schedule for the Donkey Festival, which is held around early May, as it will provide the best experience with donkeys throughout several days.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Cypriot Donkey reservations?

Cypriot Donkey reservations are best visited between April and October when donkey safaris and other activities are typically available. For those seeking donkey milk and cosmetic products, late spring and summer offer a better opportunity. However, donkey farms are open year-round for tourists to visit. Show more

Where can tourists adopt a donkey in Cyprus?

Several donkey reservations in Cyprus offer donkey adoption for tourists to ensure the animal has a good life in the reservation. However, only visitors who are residents of Cyprus can take donkeys outside the farm due to legal restrictions. Show more

How is donkey riding different from horse riding?

Donkeys are shorter, slower, and have stronger senses than horses when it comes to riding. As a result, donkey riding is a better option for beginners. Plus, it provides a fun and unique way to discover the Cypriot countryside and areas that are difficult to access on foot. Show more

Where can people buy donkey milk and cosmetics?

Donkey milk and cosmetics are available at the donkey farms and reserves in Cyprus, which are open year-round to tourists. These healthy products containing high levels of vitamins and minerals can include soap, lotion, milk, and more. Anti-aging and purifying effects on the skin are often attributed to donkey milk. Online shops are also available for some of these farms. Show more

When is the Donkey Festival in Cyprus held?

The Donkey Festival in Cyprus usually takes place in early May. Visitors can experience and learn about Cypriot donkeys at the festival through various entertainment activities such as shows, races, and folklore. It's a great way to gain an insight into Cypriot traditions and culture. It's worth noting that the festival's exact date may change each year. Show more

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