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Horse and Pony Riding in London

Horses—for adults, ponies—for younger riders, and beautiful natural trails with windmills​ and red deer—for all to enjoy

Best time: April–October

Horse and Pony Riding
Horse and Pony Riding
Horse and Pony Riding
Horse and Pony Riding

Wimbledon Common is a large open-space area famous for its horse-riding opportunities. Wimbledon Village Stables has 24 fine horses, and the personnel provides riding lessons and rides for everyone from beginners to advanced. The four square kilometres area is perfect for an excellent riding experience owing to lovely views of the old windmills, forests, and a large lake. Traditional English sports can also be played in Richmond Park, which is renowned for its red deer. During the summer season, Ridgway Stables riding school also has a special offer for children—pony riding. Though horse riding is ​available throughout the year, summer season from April to October is naturally warmer and better suited for riding in general.

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What is the best season to go horseback riding in Wimbledon Common and why?

While horseback riding is available in Wimbledon Common all year round, the summer season from April to October is typically considered most ideal. This is mainly due to the warmer weather and more accommodating conditions. Taking a ride through the park during this season will also allow visitors to enjoy beautiful scenery including forests and a large lake, as well as spot old windmills. Regardless of the season, Wimbledon Common is a beautiful location for horseback riding. Show more

Which stables in Richmond Park offer horse riding lessons and trail rides to visitors?

There are numerous stables in Richmond Park that offer horse riding lessons and trail rides to visitors. These stables include Park Lane Stables, South West London Stables and Teddington Riding School. While each of these stables is unique, they all provide visitors with enjoyable and educational opportunities to explore Richmond Park via horseback. Weekend schedules for each stable may vary, so it is recommended that visitors check in advance before making a reservation. Show more

How many horses are available at Wimbledon Village Stables, and what services do they offer?

Wimbledon Village Stables has a total of 24 well-trained horses to choose from, and they offer a variety of services to riders of all backgrounds. Aside from horse riding lessons and trail rides through Wimbledon Common, the stables also offer private instruction to help riders improve their skills. During the summer season, the Wimbledon Village Stables also offers a number of programs for children, including pony riding lessons and trail rides. With a wide variety of services and experiences available, Wimbledon Village Stables is a great destination for horse riding enthusiasts. Show more

What can riders see during a horse riding experience in Wimbledon Common, besides its natural landmarks?

Horse riding in Wimbledon Common offers a beautiful way to experience the park's natural beauty and atmosphere. In addition to the forests and large lake that riders can encounter during their journey, they may also spot some of the park's iconic red deer, creating a truly unforgettable experience. The combination of picturesque landscapes and interesting wildlife makes horse riding in Wimbledon Common an excellent way for visitors to take in the natural wonder of the area. Show more

Are pony riding lessons and trail rides in Ridgway Stables exclusively available only during the summer season or do they offer it all year round?

While Ridgway Stables do offer special pony riding lessons and trail rides for children between the ages of 4 and 12 during the summer season, it is important to note that different stables may have different offerings throughout the year. Visitors should verify availability with Ridgway Stables or other riding establishments. Safety is a top priority for all these stables, so parents can rest assured that their kids are in good hands down to the smallest detail throughout the year. Show more

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