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Donkey Ride in Jordan

A donkey trip across the ancient city of Petra is one of the most exotic experiences available in Jordan

Donkey Ride
Donkey Ride
Donkey Ride

Seeing as this cute animal is a bit slow and the Hidden City is so wide and rich in monuments worth seeing, it may be somewhat difficult to see it all atop a donkey. Still, if you have a ​plenty of time, such a leisurely pace is even better, for it ensures that travelers won't miss any single detail of this marvellous place. On the other hand, mind that donkeys are not as strong as horses or camels so keeping your trip short to avoid abusing these poor animals is a good idea. The high season for this style of trip is spring and fall.

Practical info

What are the best months to visit Petra for a donkey ride?

Donkey rides in Petra are best between March to May and September to November. These months offer better weather conditions, ideal for travelers. During the high season, there are usually long queues, but booking tickets in advance can help avoid them. Show more

Are there any age or weight restrictions for the donkey ride in Petra?

A donkey ride in Petra is open to all ages. However, the weight limit is 100kg, and tourists are advised to ensure they comply. This weight limit is crucial because donkeys are smaller and less strong compared to horses and camels. Also, donkeys must be cared for to prevent overburdening. Show more

How long should the donkey ride in Petra last to avoid abusing the animals?

Donkeys are smaller than other animals, so it's crucial to keep donkey rides less than two hours in Petra to avoid overburdening them. Going beyond the limit risks harming the animals. By limiting your stay, you ensure that these creatures do not undergo undue stress during your ride. Show more

What are some monuments or landmarks to see during the donkey ride in Petra?

A donkey ride across Petra offers a chance to see the iconic Treasury, the Monastery, and the Royal Tombs. The High Place of Sacrifice and the Colonnaded Street are likewise breathtaking. The surrounding views of the Wadi Araba Valley from nearby cliffs and escarpments ensure your ride is an unforgettable experience. Show more

Is it possible for inexperienced riders to go on the donkey trip across Petra?

Inexperienced riders can enjoy a donkey ride in Petra with ease as they come with a briefing to help tourists handle the animals. Experienced guides offer assistance throughout the trip, ensuring riders' safety and enjoyment. Donkey rides in Petra can be enjoyed by everyone, beginners included. The experience offers a fantastic opportunity for fun and learning. Show more

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