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Jordan's cycling trails through ancient cities and stunning desert landscapes have no equal


Jordan is mesmerizing starting from the ancient city of Petra with its numerous sacred sites, mysteries, and excavations-to-be, to the stunning pastel-coloured Wadi Rum desert studded with rock formations, abundant wildlife, and hospitable Bedouins who manage to preserve their ancient and fascinating lifestyle. Another great site is the historical Jerash renowned for its remnants of Roman architecture. The best season for biking activities is spring and autumn.​

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When is the best time of the year to go cycling in Jordan?

Cycling enthusiasts are recommended to visit Jordan during the months of March to May and September to November, which provide mild and comfortable weather conditions. The hot and arid summer months should be avoided. Cycling in Jordan during these months is a much enjoyable experience for travelers. Show more

Where are the most popular cycling routes in Jordan?

Jordan has notably popular routes for cycling enthusiasts, such as the King's Highway that spans over 500 kilometers and passes multiple historical and biblical sites. Cyclists also enjoy the Jordan Bike Trail that covers 730 kilometers and is home to various terrains and scenic routes dotted with lush valleys, forests, and colorful panoramas of the Jordan Desert. Show more

What are the must-see sites in Petra, Jordan?

Travelers in Petra, Jordan should visit the Tombs of the Kings, the Royal Tombs, the High Place of Sacrifice, the Monastery, and the Street of Facades. Candled lamps light up the Siq and the Treasury during Petra by Night sessions, worth attending. The Petra Archaeological Park hosts exploration into the historical and cultural heritage of ancient Petra. Show more

How can I experience the traditional Bedouin lifestyle while cycling in Wadi Rum?

Explore the traditional Bedouin lifestyle while climbing in Wadi Rum with community-run lodges and Bedouin campsites for resting and dining. Cyclists can experience the Bedouin cultures and delicacies while stargazing and riding camels. Luxury Bedouin-style campsites offer other exciting activities to experience the tradition and splendor of this culture. Show more

Is it safe for solo travelers to go on cycling trips in Jordan?

Cycling alone in Jordan is considered safe. It is advisable to wear helmets, remain hydrated, carry proper equipment, and obey other safety precautions to ensure a safe cycling experience. Cyclists can take basic security measures such as registering with the embassy, opting for a reliable communication device, and sharing itinerary if cycling alone. Safety comes first to travel. Show more

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