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Biking in Zion National Park

Biking is a nice way to explore the landscape around. Utah’s parks are great places to enjoy this activity


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At Zion you can enjoy nature’s beauty during a relaxing ride. You can enjoy this activity on all park roadways, as well as on the Pa'rus Trail. Other trails, off-trail routes, and the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel are closed for cyclists. The best place for biking is located on the Pa'rus Trail and the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.

When you are riding the 1.75 miles long Pa'rus Trail, start from the south entrance and go to Canyon Junction. You shouldn’t move too fast due to a lot of turns, bridges, blind corners, and wildlife you can meet along the trail. During damp weather, the bridges might be too slippery to ride through.

The best time to ride your bike along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is from early April to late October when the canyon shuttle is operating. Remember that you cannot move together with the bus, just stop and wait until it passes by. Always wear your helmet, ride on the right side, and keep attention on the road. When riding off the road, keep away from the thorny plants which can harm your tires.

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