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Best time to visit Texas


The diverse terrains of the Lone Star State offer some of the best cycling vacations


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You can easily find hundreds of cool places to bike in Texas – stunning landscapes, empty roads, canyons, deserts, river banks, coastal areas, mountains, and forest paths to enjoy your ride. Cycling across the ranches and farms can be exciting too. Imagine meeting wild animals on your way, seeing amazing fields of wildflowers, or enjoying the sunset – what can be more fascinating? Mountain bike trails vary from flat to gently rolling in East Texas to the rugged mountain trails in the Davis Mountains or Big Bend State Park. Road cyclists can enjoy breathtaking scenery while riding through historic towns or lonely fields. The scenic landscapes of Texas offer the best biking you'll fine. McKinney Falls State Park, Pedernales Falls State Park, Government Canyon State Natural Area, Guadalupe River State Park, and Willow City Ramble are great spots for a perfect ride. Spring and fall months are best to enjoy cycling without extreme temperatures. ​

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