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Biking in Sweden

Sweden is famous for its sustainable outlook so biking here is elevated to a new level!


Everywhere and at all times you can see people biking. It would not be Sweden if even in winter you couldn't see some warm-dressed cyclists on your way. However, there is more to it than just an urban choice of environmental awareness. Sweden also has plenty of routes and tracks around the country and out of the cities that you can enjoy on your perfect bicycle-holiday.

Unravel the beauty of Varmland while cycling the 210 km-long Klaralvsbanan, or ride your bicycle in the West while discovering the famous Gota Kanal. If you are up to something more demanding, why not check out Lappland in the North or simply enjoy mountain​ biking at Are Bike Park that turns into a chain of trails for different biking levels in the summer. You can also visit events like CykelVasan race that will take you from Salen to Mora, or the world famous Vatternrundan - the race around Lake Vattern in the south of Sweden. Whatever time you choose, biking in Sweden will not disappoint you!

Practical info

When is a good time to experience biking in Sweden?

One can experience biking in Sweden from April to late October when the weather is good and the days longer. Plan the trip according to the weather forecast, since the conditions are unpredictable. Enjoy scenic beauty minus shivering under extreme cold temperatures. Show more

Which places offer the most picturesque biking routes in Sweden?

Sweden has various picturesque routes; Klaralvsbanan, a 210 km long track in Varmland, Gota Kanal that takes you through some of the famed canals of the West. Lappland in the North offers rugged terrain for biking. Are Bike Park offers mountain biking trails for all levels. You can also go biking in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo. Show more

What are some of the popular biking events in Sweden and their location?

Swedish hosts global cycling events CykelVasan and Vatternrundan. CykelVasan routes for 90 km in August, while Vatternrundan route covers a 300 km long distance around Lake Vattern in the south of Sweden. Also, almost all major cities and regions host local biking events throughout the year that you can participate in or watch. Show more

What are some of the tips to plan a sustainable biking trip in Sweden?

A few ways to plan your eco-friendly biking trip are to research routes that are eco-friendly, rent from a company that promotes alternative transport, and pack minimally. You must carry reusable water bottles. Additionally, several tours offer eco-friendly packages like Fjallturen in Lappland, a 100% carbon-neutral tour. Show more

What are the regulations to be followed while biking in Sweden?

Cyclists must comply with driving regulations, wear helmets, use bike paths when available, ride on the right-hand side when there are no bike paths available, and use hand signals while cycling. It is essential to check all equipment, such as brakes and reflectors, for their proper functioning before riding a bike in Sweden. Show more

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