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The Island of Roses in Sweden

Gotland's roses bloom even in late November. The perfect destination for those who want to be enchanted in the middle of a gloomy season

Best time: September–November

The Island of Roses
The Island of Roses
The Island of Roses

Gotland is a fairy tale place on Earth. Beautiful and peaceful with a plentitude of sheep and the gracefulness of the sea. The island has plenty of historical places too, including 350 sunken ships, more than 100 Gothic churches, 70 Iron Age forts, and over 400 cairns.

However, most interesting is Fiskargränd—a beautiful​ street of roses, where the flowers are in bloom in late autumn, sometimes even until early December! More than a romantic place, the island is a great​ reason to visit Sweden in its darker times.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Gotland to see the roses blooming on Fiskargränd?

From September to November, visitors can witness the roses in bloom on Fiskargränd. It is worth keeping in mind that these flowers can flower until early December. The winter months can be cold on this Swedish island, so pack accordingly. Show more

What are the top historical places to visit on Gotland?

Gotland is home to a rich and diverse history, containing over 100 Gothic churches, 70 Iron Age forts, and more than 400 cairns. Visitors can explore the island's 350 sunken ships, discover the well-preserved medieval city wall of Visby, and even see the remnants of Bronze Age settlements. These sites and more await history buffs on this UNESCO World Heritage site. Show more

Where is the best place to see sheep on the island?

While sheep are a common sight all over Gotland, the Stora Karlsö island nature reserve is particularly noteworthy for its Gotland breed of sheep. These sheep have grazed on the island for over a century and make for delightful, up-close wildlife encounters that are sure to be treasured. Show more

How do I get to Gotland?

Gotland is easily accessible by plane or ferry. Flights connecting Stockholm to Visby take just under an hour, while ferries from Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn, and Västervik arrive at the port in Visby. During summertime, Gotland is also reachable by ferry from Turku and Helsinki in Finland, and Riga in Latvia. Show more

Are there any other unique attractions in Gotland besides Fiskargränd and its roses?

In addition to the charming Fiskargränd and its roses, Gotland is also home to a host of other unique attractions. Visitors can explore Lummelunda Cave, which dates back over 400 million years and is open year-round. The old limestone quarries in Ronehamn and Eke provide stunning vistas and ideal hiking and climbing terrain. And, of course, the traditional midsummer celebrations are a festive highlight for all. Show more

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