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Lupin Spotting

The scenic landscape of New Zealand’s South Island astonishes with varied colors

Lupin Spotting in New Zealand 2020 - Best Time

Every year from mid-November to December vast areas along riverbeds of Mackenzie Country at the South Island burst with colour and fragrance. Thousands of lupins cover the landscape with purple, pink, yellow and blue. The Russell lupin is an exotic plant, which can grow to the height of 1.5 m. These tall colourful spikes can be found in large numbers growing along the roadsides, wide open areas and near the waterbeds.

Lake Tekapo 2020
Lake Tekapo
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Some of the most scenic places for viewing lupins are around the Lake Tekapo, Lake Wanaka and along the Ahuriri River. At the Lake Tekapo the best season to watch these gorgeous flowers is late November. Later the flower bloom moves further south.

Lupin invasion at Lake Tekapo 2020
Lupin invasion at Lake Tekapo
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