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Tulip Season in The Netherlands

These spring flowers transform the Netherlands into a large colourful carpet

Best time: mid-March–late May

Tulip Season
Tulip Season
Tulip Season
Tulip Season
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Holland is called the tulip country for a reason. Its soil suits perfectly for growing its different varieties. There are so many types of tulips in Holland that Dutch Horticultural society has a problem grouping and classifying them. From mid-March to the end of May tulips bloom everywhere creating an unforgettable impression for those who see this phenomenon of the Netherlands for the first time.

To witness the most spectacular tulips in bloom, you'd better visit Amsterdam, Keukenkof Gardens, Noordoostpolder, or Noordwijkerhout.

Practical info

When can you plan your trip to the Netherlands to see tulips in bloom?

From mid-March to late May, tulips bloom all over the Netherlands making it the perfect time to visit to witness this spectacular display of colorful flowers. Late April or early May is the best time to plan your trip as this is typically when the tulips are at their peak. Show more

Which are the ideal locations to see tulips bloom in the Netherlands?

Amsterdam, Noordoostpolder, Noordwijkerhout, and Keukenhof Gardens are the best locations to witness tulips bloom in the Netherlands. Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse is one of the largest flower gardens in the world with over 7 million bulbs. Amsterdam is where you can see tulips blooming all over the city. Noordoostpolder is known for its tulip fields, while Noordwijkerhout has a beautiful beach and tulip fields in the vicinity. Show more

What role have tulips played in Dutch culture historically?

Tulips have been an integral part of Dutch culture for centuries. Introduced in the 17th century, they symbolized wealth and prosperity and were even used as currency for a brief period. Dutch culture, in modern times, celebrates tulips, their beauty, and significance through various festivals and events. Show more

How long is the tulip season usually?

The tulip season in the Netherlands usually lasts from mid-March to late May. However, climatic conditions greatly affect this period such that cold temperatures can cause delayed bloom while warm temperatures can cause early bloom. To ensure witnessing the tulips at their best, plan your trip for late April or early May. Show more

What tulip-related festivals and events take place in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands hosts various tulip-related festivals and events during the peak season. The most famous one is the Keukenhof Flower Festival which takes place between late March and mid-May. Here, visitors can enjoy millions of tulips on display alongside various events and exhibitions. Other events include the Flower Parade, Tulip Trade Event, and the Tulip Festival held in Noordoostpolder. Show more

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