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Narcissus Valley in Ukraine

Eastern Europe's only lowland area with alpine flowers galore!

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Narcissus Valley
Narcissus Valley
Narcissus Valley
Narcissus Valley

The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve Narcissus Valley, aka the Valley of daffodils ("Dolyna nartsysiv" in Ukrainian), embraces about 1 square mile (3 sq km) of the protected floodplain meadows, famous mainly for seasonal white daffodils. Normally, narcissi grow in the altitudes of 3,600-6,760 feet (1,100-2,060 m) above the sea. But this preserve in Kireshi, near Khust in Zakarpattia Oblast, is only 590-670 feet (180-200 m). Therefore, unique to Ukraine and Eastern Europe, this site is one of Transcarpathia's seven wonders.

White daffodils of the valley typically bloom sometime between May 10 and 25, alluring visitors from all across Ukraine and beyond. All the same, the season depends on weather conditions. In warm springs, the flowers might pop up as early as mid-April. Still, every year presents a different scenery: some swaths of land are cloaked with narcissi, and others are only dusted with the blooms. These spring flowers seem to live their own lives—you never know where to seek the ultimate explosion of petals in the year to come.

Scientists believe that the alpine narcissi must have descended from mountain slopes to the lowlands during the Ice Age. Nowadays, the number of flowers within the confines of the valley is slowly decreasing, which is partially due to the willow trees, consuming lots of underground water. Another reason could be the spreading settlements, new houses, which also use much water. But the worst are barbarous visitors who tread down the flowers. So we appeal to every tourist stepping into the Narcissus Valley: please be caring of this rare flowerbed so that the next generations could also relish this rare natural phenomenon.

Practical info

When is the ideal season to witness the Narcissus Valley blooming in Ukraine?

The Narcissus Valley in Ukraine boasts a full bloom season which is usually between May 10 to May 25, although it depends on the weather conditions. In case of a warm springtime, the flowers blossom as early as mid-April. The ideal time to witness the blossoming of the valley's daffodils is in May since it is the maximal blooming period for these flowers, painting the region with delightful white shades. Show more

What is the location of the Narcissus Valley, and what makes it unique?

Located in Kireshi near Khust in Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine, the Narcissus Valley is the only region in Eastern Europe where alpine flowers bloom in lowland areas. The valley area spans approximately an area of 1 square mile (3 sq km) of protected floodplain meadows and is one of Transcarpathia's seven precious gems. The region holds significance primarily due to the uniqueness of its landscape in spite of its diminutive size in comparison to other tourist destinations. Show more

What is special about white daffodils of Narcissus Valley?

The white daffodils of the Narcissus Valley are unique as they generally grow in areas elevating 3,600-6,760 feet (1,100-2,060 m) above sea level. However, Narcissus Valley lies in a range of only 590-670 feet (180-200 m) of height, making it the sole spot in Eastern Europe and Ukraine where alpine narcissi thrive in moderate elevations. These flowers typically blossom around mid-May, generating a magnificent white sea that remains until the end of the season. Show more

What factors are responsible for the gradual reduction in the number of flowers at Narcissus Valley?

Several factors contribute to the gradual reduction in the number of flowers in Narcissus Valley. One of these reasons is that willow trees consume underground water sources, leading to a decline in flower population in identified areas. Secondly, the rise of new settlements and construction around the region increases the demand for water. However, the most significant factor jeopardizing the Narcissus Valley's flower bed is the careless behaviour of visitors, most of whom define their sense of exploration with trampling over flowers. Show more

What is the role of tourists in preserving the Narcissus Valley and its flowers?

Tourists play a key role in preserving the Narcissus Valley's fragile and rare flower population. Visitors can ensure the preservation of the flower bed by carefully treading around the flowers or not interacting with them in any way that may cause lasting damage. Tourists should avoid picking flowers, diverging from restricted paths, or littering in the area. The Narcissus Valley is a treasure and visitors must be cautious to respect it in a way that allows future generations to appreciate its natural beauty. Show more

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