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Spring Blossoms in London 2025

Floral show continues throughout the entire spring starting from daffodils in early March until wisteria in late May

Best time: March–May

Spring Blossoms
Spring Blossoms
Spring Blossoms

As spring sets in London, the city abounds with flowers. Yellow daffodils are the first to come to London's parks in March; the best view is available in St. James's Park. Kenwood House's surroundings show off with magnolias. Some are also found around St. Mary's Le Strand, a church built in 1715. April brin​gs even more flowers, including cherry blooms at Kew Gardens and in Regent's Park, and bluebells in the meadows of Osterley Park, and Isabella Plantation.

Tulips are splendid in Kensington Gardens, St. James's Park, Regent's Park, and particularly around Buckingham Palace—its​ Memorial Gardens number nearly 28,000 tulips. The Privy Gardens built around 1530 for Henry VIII are well-known as a great place to spot an unbelievable variety of around 33,000 flowering plants. May offers its own floral variety, namely, azaleas found aplenty in the Isabella Plantation, rhododendron collection planted around the Kenwood House, and at last gorgeous wisteria blossoms at the Hampstead Heath Pergola.

Practical info

When is the blooming season for tulips in London?

From late March to early May, tulips bloom in London. The tulips can be seen in full bloom in the last two weeks of April. London's Kensington Gardens, Regent's Park, St. James's Park, and Buckingham Palace's Memorial Gardens are some places where you could spot tulips. You may find almost 28,000 tulips at the Memorial Gardens of Buckingham Palace. Show more

Which place in London has the best display of daffodils?

St. James's Park offers the most attractive daffodil display in London. This yellow flower is in full bloom in early March in the park. Alongside St. James's Park, you can find daffodils blooming in Regent's Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, and Kew Gardens. Show more

What is the ideal time to visit London to catch a glimpse of cherry blossoms?

April is the ideal month to visit London for sighting cherry blossoms. The Kew Gardens, Regent's Park, and areas around Greenwich Park are the common places where you may find them. The last couple of weeks of April is the best time to see them blooming, even though the blossoming period can differ by year and weather conditions. Show more

What is the location of the most significant collection of tulips in London?

Buckingham Palace Memorial Gardens is the place that holds the biggest collection of tulips in London, with roughly 28,000 tulips. Alongside Memorial Gardens, you can spot these stunning flowers at Kensington Gardens, Regent's Park, and St. James's Park. Show more

Which other springtime flowers can I see in London apart from tulips and cherry blossoms?

Magnolia trees at Kenwood House and St. Mary's Le Strand church, Daffodils at St. James's Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, and Kew Gardens, Bluebells in the meadows of Isabella Plantation and Osterley Park, Azaleas at Isabella Plantation, and rhododendrons at Kenwood House are among various springtime flowers you could see in London in addition to tulips and cherry blossoms. You can also find Wisteria blossoms in Hampstead Heath Pergola. Show more

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