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Best time to travel to Greenland

Flower Valleys Blooming

A walk along the valley of flowers is a wonderful way to discover the surprising variety of flora in Greenland


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Come to Greenland in summer and you'll see that there's more to this country than just the ice sheet and icebergs. You'll probably be surprised by the fact that the valleys of this cold island are covered with plants during the warm season. There's a perfect place to discover the diversity of Greenland's flora.

One of the most spectacular places is called the Valley of Flowers, and it's located near Tasiilaq in the South-Eastern part of the country. Various species of moss, flowers, and herbs can be found here during the short Greenlandic su​mmer. Another Flower valley is located near Narsarsuaq. It's a popular hiking destination due to its scenic landscapes. When you see this valley filled with the sunshine and pink, white, blue and especially green, you understand why Greenland is called so.

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