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Rose Valley in Bloom in Bulgaria

Roses are recognized as a royal flower and symbol of Bulgaria

Best time: mid-May–mid-June

Rose Valley in Bloom
Rose-picking in the Rose Valley near the town of Kazanlak in Bulgaria
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The flowering Valley of Roses is one of the most beautiful things in Bulgaria. This spot near the town of Kazanlak is the world's largest supplier of rose oil. Roses start to bloom in mid-May and continue straight to mid-June. For the cultivation of this divine flower, the climate and the weather conditions of this region are most favorable.

At the beginning of June, there are many holidays in the valley dedicated to this flower. Women in national costumes sing songs and collect roses in baskets. Then, from these petals, they make fragrant rose oil and perfume. They also make jam, wine, and rakia.

Practical info

When is the optimal time to visit the Bulgarian Valley of Roses?

Visitors should go to the Bulgarian Valley of Roses between the middle of May and the middle od of June. This period is when the beautiful flowers are fully bloomed and the air is filled with their aroma. The region has the ideal weather and climate for rose cultivation which makes witnessing the rose-picking process and traditional rose oil-making activities possible. Show more

Which is the largest supplier of rose oil globally?

The Bulgarian Valley of Roses, located near Kazanlak, is the largest supplier of rose oil worldwide. Over 85% of the world's rose oil supply comes from the valley, extracted from Bulgarian Rosa Damascena's petals. The region has mastered this art for centuries and the roses' top quality and unique fragrance are celebrated by many. Show more

What is the duration of the blooming season in Rose Valley?

The blooming season of roses in Rose Valley lasts approximately four weeks, starting in mid-May and lasting until mid-June. This period is when visitors can experience the lovely bouquet of roses covering the valley. People can also take part in rose-picking as well as traditional oil-making activities during the blooming season. Show more

What are some of the rose products made in Rose Valley?

Some of the rose products made from Rosa Damascena petals in Rose Valley include rose oil, rose water, rose jam, rose wine, and rose rakia. Rose oil and water are well-known for their smell and skincare benefits. Rose wine, jam, and rakia are made by combining petals with sugar, alcohol, or other ingredients. Show more

What are the traditional rose-related festivities that occur in June?

Multiple traditional rose-related festivities take place in June in Rose Valley, Bulgaria. These include the Rose Festival, Rose Picking Ritual, Rose Oil Festival, Folklore Festival, and others. During these events, visitors can witness women in national costumes dancing and singing, take part in rose-picking as well as oil-making, and experience rose-related foods, for example, wine, rakia, and jam. Show more

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