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Best time to travel to Chile

Wildflowers of Patagonia

Gorgeous​ colours paint the roadsides, grasslands, waterfalls, national parks, woods, and steppes of Chile


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Chile boasts seven species of various orchids which grow in colonies in protected areas and also may be spotted individually in the wild. Deep red clarinet-shaped flowers known as the waterfall plant can be found in wetlands beside water streams and waterfalls, whereas grasslands are often covered with large yellow coloured flowers scientifically named "ranunculus peduncularis." The great flower diversity can be observed in the south of Chile, particularly in the Torres del Paine National Park.

The best seasons to delight in Chilean flowers is spring to summer—specifically October through February. Though nobody is going to punish you for picking the flowers in the wild, it would be much more prudent to restrain—in this way you will ensure that the tourists who travel t​o Chile after you are likewise able to observe the natural beauty in the following years.

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