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Wild Poppies at the Acropolis

May–June • nature

Bright splashes of red enlivens the ancient stone ruins of the Athenian Acropolis

Beach Season

May–October • activity

Greek seaside tavernas welcome tourists year round, but during the high season people go wild for the beach

Moussaka ​

June–September • food

Greece beats all of the Mediterranean with its layered variation of moussaka

Horiatiki Salata

June–August • food

No place on Earth can compete with an authentic Greek Salad in its birthplace

Fruit Season

May–October • food

Hot greek summers would be incomplete without a juicy fruit plate

Artisan Honey and Baklava

March–November • food

This golden sweet can be eaten with Greek yoghurt​, or enjoyed in traditional baklava

Courgette Balls or Kolokythokeftedes

April–October • food

Lightly fried spicy zucchini patties served with traditional tzatziki sauce is a perfect way to start any meal

Summer Coffee (Frappe)

May–September • food

Solving the biggest summer struggle of coffee lovers since 1957


May–June | September • activity

Explore ancient submerged treasures while diving in Greece


May–June • food

This authentic Greek dish of ancient origin has many different regional varieties, though none without stuffed grape leaves


August Full Moon Festival

August 26, 2018 • event

Athens' monuments bathed in moonlight offer free admission​ only once a year—an occasion not to be missed

Olives and Olive Oil

October–March • food

Raw Greek olives are a great seasonal delicacy and don't forget virgin olive oil too!

Holy Week & Orthodox Easter

April 20–28, 2019 • event

Festive traditions feature Lent mourning ceremonies, nightly Easter candle lighting, and coloured egg cracking

Sea Urchins

November–April • food

The creamy texture and pleasant flavours breakdown prejudices about seafood

Apokries or Carnival

February 17–March 11, 2019 • event

Before the long-lasting fast, Greeks feast on meat with a huge party that stretches over three weeks


mid-August–September • food

This ancient country still abounds with this ancient fruit


December–March • activity

The rich architectural heritage and natural attractions of Athens are best explored on a leisurely hike

Athens Authentic Marathon

November 11, 2018 • activity

This Greek marathon will make you travel back to glorious ancient times


December–February • food

A strong local spirit that warms up the heart and body

Day of Ohi (Oxi)

October 28 • event

Flower garlands and placards all over the streets signify the anniversary of Greece's historic declaration "No!"

Wine Season

September–October • food

Top-notch new Greek wines should be tried first-hand


September 28–29, 2018 • event

One of the world's toughest races covers the distance from Athens to Sparta

Greek Easter Food

April 28, 2019 • food

Lent is over and Greeks finally feast on lamb delicacies like Magirista, Arni Pashaulino, and Tsoureki

Taramosalata or Fish Roe Dip

March | August | December • food

A palatable fish roe speciality​ is an excellent complement to a modest lean Lent meal

Melomakarona—Greek Christmas Honey Cookies

early December–early January • food

Christmas in Greece won't be complete without these traditional festive sweets!


December–February • food

Greek squid is splendid during the winter months and especially delicious when cooked with spinach, spices, and olive oil

Theophania or Epiphany

January 06 • event

An inspiring tradition of throwing a cross into the water and diving after it highlights the celebration


April–May | September–October • activity

Herons, egrets, gulls, warblers, ducks, grebes, owls and​ other feathery fellows will delight your eyes and ears

Kourampiedes (Kourabiethes)—Greek Christmas Butter Cookies

early December–early January • food

During Christmas vacation in Greece, try these delicious traditional butter cookies which look like small snowballs