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Greek Easter Food

Lent is over and Greeks finally feast on lamb delicacies like Magirista, Arni Pashaulino, and Tsoureki

Greek Easter Food in Athens 2019 - Best Time
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Apart from iconic Easter bread (ts​oureki) and kokkina avga or red-dyed eggs, Greece has a lot more festive specialties to taste during Easter celebrations. The feast begins right after the midnight Resurrection service when people return home and break Lent with Magiritsa, a nourishing soup cooked of the lamb organs. Another great specialty is Arni Pashalino which is more commonly known as spit-roasted Easter lamb. Finally, the last lamb delicacy for Easter is kefalaki (spelled κεφαλακι) which is actually lamb's head—the most delicious parts are the brains and tongue! Lamb is often accompanied with "patapes sto fourno riganates" which means baked potatoes seasoned with oregano. Bon appetit!

Greek Easter Food in Athens - Best Season 2019
Best time for Greek Easter Food in Athens 2019