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Athens Coffee Festival 2023

Find out how the Greeks make such great coffee

The Athens Coffee Festival is a real celebration of coffee culture. People from Greece and other countries worldwide get together to become more educated about the drink’s history, nuances, and benefits. Let’s see what is so special about this coffee fest.


The Athens Coffee Fest takes place in the Technopolis building. About 6,000 square m. in size, it is a huge historical place in Athens, located in the city center. The parking area is limited, meaning there won’t be any free parking spots. However, you can use the services of private lots near the area. Technopolis can also easily be reached by public transport, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem.


The Athens Coffee Festival isn’t just for the drink experts. People who know very little about coffee are more than welcome to join the event. At the fest, they’ll be able to watch professionals brew the beverage, perform amazing coffee tricks, and share some insider lifehacks for you to use daily. As a guest, you’ll also have an opportunity to taste delicious coffee samples, explore coffee varieties, and learn about the market trends. Special animators and musicians will also accompany your leisure at the festival.

As always, book your accommodation in advance and have a nice stay in Athens!

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