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Hiking in Athens

The rich architectural heritage and natural attractions of Athens are best explored on a leisurely hike


The ancient architecture of Athens itself, as well as the city's mountainous and forested outskirts with caves and deserted churches, hidden monasteries, and also beautiful beaches make the city a great hiking destination. The most amusing areas to explore include 75 hiking trails that wind along the slopes of Mount Parnitha set north of the city, Mount Hymettus located a 5 to 10-minute drive from Athens' downtown and the beautiful Sounio​ National Park. The most enjoyable hiking experience can be exp​ected in December through March when you can avoid the heat of the summer months and hike in pleasant moderate temperatures. An extra bonus is that most tourist destinations and beaches are not as crowded as during the high season.

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What are some popular hiking trails in Athens?

Some of the best hiking trails in Athens are found in Mount Parnitha, Mount Hymettus, and Sounio National Park. Mount Parnitha has the most with 75 different trails to experience. Mount Hymettus features several trails suited to all hiker levels. Meanwhile, Sounio National Park showcases scenic coastlines and numerous hiking options. Their trails vary in difficulty, from easy to challenging. Ensure hiking comfort by wearing proper hiking gear. Show more

When is the best time to visit Athens for outdoor activities?

The ideal season to visit Athens for hiking is from December to March when the temperature is cooler, and the crowd is low. Perfect weather is ideal for comfortable hiking conditions; nevertheless, verify weather updates before going on a trip to guarantee optimal and safe hikes. This period, Athens features fewer tourists, making this season perfect for other outdoor activities such as horseback riding in the woods or enjoying a hot air balloon ride affordably. Show more

Where can I find the hidden monasteries for hiking in Athens?

Some of Athens' best-hidden monasteries are located on Mount Parnitha's slopes, concealed within forests. Hiking through these stunning monasteries can be challenging, but it is worth the experience. Wear proper hiking shoes and attire and bring enough snacks and water. Ensure you keep in mind that some of the trails can be steep and rocky; thus, you will indeed need to be fit for the journey. Show more

What variety of activities for tourists does Athens offer?

Athens offers various outdoor activities to visitors. If hiking is not your cup of tea, perhaps a bike tour or a boat ride to one of the nearby islands might appeal to you. Rock climbing is available for thrill-seekers. Alternatively, you can go horseback riding or take a hot air balloon ride to provide a different perspective on the city. Athens indeed has a diverse range of outdoor activities to offer suitable for everyone. Show more

What is the duration of an average hiking trip in Athens?

The duration of a trek in Athens depends on the hiking trail of choice. Some hiking routes can be finished in a few hours; Mount Hymettus and Sounio National Park are perfect examples for shorter hikes. Simultaneously, some may expect to experience an entire day hike or many days long trek, such as the hidden monasteries around Mount Parnitha or a multi-day adventure through the mountains, an unforgettable experience. Take note of your physical condition before choosing your hiking adventure. Show more

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