Best time to visit Athens


The rich architectural heritage and natural attractions of Athens are best explored on a leisurely hike

Hiking in Athens 2019 - Best Time
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The ancient architecture of Athens itself, as well as the city's mountainous and forested outskirts with caves and deserted churches, hidden monasteries, and also beautiful beaches make the city a great hiking destination. The most amusing areas to explore include 75 hiking trails that wind along the slopes of Mount Parnitha set north of the city, Mount Hymettus located a 5 to 10-minute drive from Athens' downtown and the beautiful Sounio​ National Park. The most enjoyable hiking experience can be exp​ected in December through March when you can avoid the heat of the summer months and hike in pleasant moderate temperatures. An extra bonus is that most tourist destinations and beaches are not as crowded as during the high season.

Snowy mount Parnitha 2019
Snowy mount Parnitha
Reflection, Lake Beletsi, Parnitha, Greece 2019
Reflection, Lake Beletsi, Parnitha, Greece
Mt. Parnitha as seen from Schinias 2019
Mt. Parnitha as seen from Schinias
Hymettus, Athens, Greece 2019
Hymettus, Athens, Greece
Peaks of western Parnitha 2019
Peaks of western Parnitha