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Meteora in Athens

Meteora is a stunning rock formation with 24 monasteries in total, of which six still remain active

Best time: May 1–June 30


Meteora is a rock formation that has served as a place of worship for centuries. Located a few kilometers northwest of the town of Kalabaka, Meteora monasteries are the real miracle of Greece. These impressive rocks with breathtaking landscapes reach heights of more than 1968 feet (600 meters) and are a great place to experience spectacular views. In 1988, they were inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List and have attracted hundreds of tourists since then.

The best time to visit

Meteora means "suspended in the air," and the rock formation has 700 routes for climbers of all skill levels. If you travel there intending to climb the rocks, the best time to visit Meteora is from mid-March to mid-June or mid-August to mid-November. The general best time to visit Meteora is in May or June, when the crowds are not as big as between July and October, and the weather is not as cold as from December to March.

How to get there

Since the Meteora rocks are located near the town of Kalampaka, firstly, you have to get there. You can travel to Kalampaka by bus, car, or train. The best train is a direct, high-speed train from Athens to Kalampaka, which will take you to this town in five hours. The best bus route is from Athens to Trikala and then from Trikala to Kalampaka.

A few things to know before visiting Meteora

The monasteries of Meteora have a strict dress code: you can't wear sleeveless clothing or shorts. There are no food stores around the monasteries, so be sure to take some snacks with you. Also, wear appropriate footwear to make sure that you will climb there without harming yourself. And, finally, be ready to pay a small entrance fee to visit the monasteries.

Practical info

What is the dress code for visiting the monasteries of Meteora?

Visitors to the monasteries of Meteora must adhere to a dress code for entry. Men should wear long pants, and women should wear long dresses or skirts. Short sleeves and shorts are prohibited, and this is because the monasteries hold religious significance. Visitors who do not follow the dress code may not enter the monasteries. Show more

When is the best time to visit Meteora for climbing the rocks?

The ideal time for rock climbing in Meteora is during mid-March to mid-June and mid-August to mid-November. The weather during these months is pleasant and safe for outdoor activities such as rock climbing. There are lesser crowds during these periods, and tourists can enjoy climbing in comfort. The temperature during these months is also comfortable, and the atmosphere is less humid. Show more

Where is the best place to take the bus from Athens to Kalampaka?

When traveling from Athens to Kalampaka by bus, the recommended route is through Trikala. The journey usually takes four hours, with buses leaving from Athens' main bus station. Most buses are scheduled to depart for Kalampaka from Trikala, and the travel time is approximately half an hour. This option is ideal for tourists traveling to Kalampaka by bus from Athens. Show more

What kind of views can visitors expect from Meteora?

Visitors to Meteora can expect to see stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including forests, mountains, and the Peneus River valley floor. The monasteries perched atop the magnificent rock formations provide breathtaking panoramic views. Meteora is the perfect destination for those looking for spectacular scenery and adventure activities such as hiking and rock climbing. It is a one-of-a-kind landscape that anyone visiting Greece should see. Show more

When is the best time of the year to visit Meteora to avoid crowds?

To avoid large crowds, the best time to visit Meteora is in May or June. During these months, tourists can enjoy the warm and pleasant weather. The number of visitors during these months is lesser than during the peak tourist season extending from July to October, and hence, lesser crowds. Visitors touring the area during these quieter months can experience a more relaxed and serene view of the monasteries and magnificent rock formations. Show more

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