Best time to travel to Chile

Mountain and Volcano Climbing

Though most volcanoes have been climbed thousand times, several summits are still waiting for daring enthusiasts

Mountain and Volcano Climbing in Chile 2019 - Best Time
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Mountain climbers are going to love Chile for its numerous peaks and volcanoes both in the north and south of the country. Among the more than 50 volcanoes the most popular climbing destinations include Ojos del Salado Volcano, Parinacota Volcano covered with snow year-round, Cerro Providencia near Santiago, Descabezados and Quizapu volcanoes in Maule Valley, Osorno Volcano, and the most popular viewing platform atop of Villarica Volcano. At the same time not all Chilean summits have been conquered so far, namely Torres del Paine contains a couple of peaks to be ascended for the first time. There are two seasons for climbing depending on your preferences: it could be either dry and sunny during summer from December to February, or winter from June to August on condition that you prefer to climb snowy peaks. Regardless of the season, Chilean wilderness ensures an unforgettable climbing holiday and good rest for your soul and mind.

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