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Via Ferrata in Austria

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Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata

The variety of mountain ranges in Austrian Alps is huge! It truly is a real paradise for climbers. The views available while climbing in the Alps will be unforgettable. Via ferrata (translated from Italian as "iron road") is a protected climbing route, using a steel cable which runs along the route and is periodically fixed to the rock. This allows dangerous routes to be undertaken without the usual risks.

Here are some of the most popular Via Ferrata​ in Austria: The Laserz fixed rope route is a rather challenging expedition with a length of 620 m. Due to its long difficult passages, this fixed rope route is only recommended to trained alpinists. The Widauersteig is considered to be the easiest and shortest path in the area of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range.

Innsbruck is a panoramic fixed rope route that takes alpinists across seven summits, from Hafelekar to Frau Hitt. This Via Ferrata is secured by a 2,000 m wire rope and 700 hooks. The Bruder Tunnel fixed-rope route is a short, but very worthwhile route in the impressive Karwendel mountain range. It is located on Lake Achensee, and is the first Via Ferrata of Tyrol and was recently renovated. This natural tunnel provides a great view and makes climbing a real pleasure! The St. Anton fixed rope route is an alpine adventure for skilled alpinists and is one of the most challenging and beautiful tours in the Alps. Climbing is not advised during spring melting from March to May as conditions can be dangerous.​

Practical info

When is the best time to climb via ferrata in Austria?

The best months to climb via ferrata in Austria are from June to November. During this time, the weather is favorable, and the mountain's snow has melted, making climbing safer and more accessible. Avoiding the March to May period is advisable, as it carries higher risks of falling rocks and avalanches due to the melting snow. It's always best to check the weather forecast, pack accordingly, and prioritize safety. Show more

Where are the best via ferrata routes located in Austria?

Austria boasts of several stunning mountain terrains suitable for via ferrata climbing. The most popular via ferrata routes in Austria include the Wildauersteig, St. Anton fixed rope route, Innsbruck, Bruder Tunnel fixed-rope route, and Laserz fixed rope route. Each of these routes offers unique experiences with varying degrees of difficulty, with the Laserz fixed rope route being the toughest and longest at 620 meters. Show more

How long does it take to climb the Laserz fixed rope route?

Climbing the Laserz fixed rope route takes between four to six hours, depending on the climber's level of fitness and skill. A prior experience in mountain climbing is necessary to successfully complete this challenging 620-meter-long route. The route poses certain dangers, so following instructions and ensuring proper outfitting is vital to avoid fatalities. Show more

What is the difficulty level of the St. Anton fixed rope route?

St. Anton fixed rope route is renowned for being one of the most challenging via ferrata tours in the Alps. The route has sharp edges, steep climbs, and vertical drops that require some level of experience in mountain climbing. Climbers should be cautious in spring as the melting snow renders the ice unstable and poses rockfall risks. It's vital to follow all safety procedures to avoid fatalities. Show more

Is it possible to climb via ferrata routes in Austria without prior experience in mountain climbing?

While some Austria's via ferrata routes are easily navigable, prior experience in mountain climbing and physical fitness is essential for all the routes. Climbers with limited experience are discouraged from climbing these routes without guidance from certified experts, proper equipment, and training. Climbers must be aware and alert at all times, follow instructions, and capable of handling steep drops before attempting any via ferrata route in Austria. Show more

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