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Arenales Rock Climbing in Argentina

Mountain climbing in the Arenales Valley is always full of romance and adventure

Arenales Rock Climbing

Undoubtedly, the best place for rock climbing in Argentina is its central mountainous part, called the Arenales Valley. This place has some impressive rocks and cliffs and is a must visit for climbing enthusiasts.

Rock climbing here offers different styles of climbing from bouldering to aid climbing, single or multi-pitch, sport on red granite spires with incredible views into the Andes, and various levels of complexity. Those who plan to go mountain climbing in this place need to remember about variable weather and the seasons of the Arenales Valley. During the winter there are tonnes of snow in the valley, so the best time for this activity is from October to April.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Arenales Valley for rock climbing?

From October to April, rock climbing is the most feasible in Arenales Valley due to reduced snow coverage. During the winter, the valley is blanketed in snow which makes rock climbing arduous. One should prepare for the unpredictable weather to make the most of their trip to the valley. Show more

What types of rock climbing can you experience in Arenales Valley?

A wide variety of rock climbing experiences is available in Arenales Valley, ranging from bouldering, aid climbing, single or multi-pitch, sport climbing, and traditional climbing. Climbers of all expertise levels can take advantage of the different levels of difficulty available. Multi-pitch routes provide a spectacular view of the Andes, making Arenales Valley distinct and worth climbing. Show more

Where can you find the best rock climbing spots in Arenales Valley?

Estancia el Cepillo is the go-to location for the best rock climbing spots situated in Arenales Valley. With easy car access, a number of ideal climbing sectors such as La Pared Sur, Pared Norte, Pared Blanca, and La Selva can be found in the vicinity. Climbers should refer to a guidebook or download a guide to navigate the entrance and routes to the climbing spots. Show more

What is the average difficulty level for rock climbing in this location?

The difficulty levels for rock climbing in Arenales Valley vary considerably. La Pared Sur and Pared Blanca are perfect for beginner and intermediate climbers; however, areas like La Selva have more demanding routes. An indication of the difficulty levels of different areas can be procured from guidebooks or through local climbing schools or guides. Show more

Are there any accommodation options within or near Arenales Valley for rock climbers?

A variety of accommodation options are accessible for rock climbers in and around Arenales Valley, including hostels, camping grounds, bungalows, and lodges. There is a camping area and hostel available for climbers at Estancia el Cepillo. There are also numerous mountain refuges near the valley, such as Refugio Arenales and Refugio Frey. Booking in advance is recommended, particularly during peak climbing season. Show more

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