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Climbing in Yellowstone is diverse and full of excitement. This is a climbing hotspot with hundreds of peaks to conquer!


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Yellowstone National Park is located on the territory of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and is part of their mountain ranges. In four mountain ranges, you can find 70 mountain peaks with a height of over 2,400 m. Two major mountain ranges extend far beyond the borders of the park' these are the Gallatin Range and the Absaroka Range—the largest in the park. The highest peak of the park, Eagle Peak, is located within the Absaroka range.

This is on top of the Grand Teton in Wyoming 2020
This is on top of the Grand Teton in Wyoming

Some of the best spots which provide perfect climbing opportunities for everyone can be found in the Teton, Wind River, and Big Horn ranges. Base at Lander, Jackson, and Pinedale before you start your journey up. In Lander, you'll find around 40 various peaks with a height of almost 4,000 m and hundreds of peaks with lower elevations. Lots of challenging walls are waiting for you in the Greater Yellowstone region.

Climbing in Yellowstone National Park - Best Season 2020

Many rock climbing opportunities can be found in Cody. It is easily accessible, and the quality of the rock is best suitable for beginners. Yellowstone Park attracts climbers from all over the world. This is a perfect place for those who enjoy the challenge and the spectacular natural views. Here you can also enjoy the annual Climbers' Festival, held on the 2nd weekend of July.

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