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Sea Urchins

The creamy texture and pleasant flavours breakdown prejudices about seafood


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It is called "uni" in short, and many people refer to it as a sea hedgehog owing to the outward needles. The edible part is the inner orange-yellow segments, which are obtained by cutting a sea urchin in two halves and picking the flesh out. This extraordinary seafood is not to be cooked and is mainly served and consumed raw. Many foodies who have never tried the delicacy before expect the worst, but still those that can overcome the fear are rewarded with true delight. By texture, the segments are creamy and have a flavourful taste though far from fishy. The most pop​ular local specialty made of uni is a salad called "Ahinosalata." Although the seafood delicacy is found on the menu of Athenian restaurants during the summer, the freshest sea urchins are available during the harvest time from November to April.

Sea Urchins in Athens - Best Season 2020
Best time for Sea Urchins in Athens 2020