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Best season to travel to Tasmania

Pacific Oysters

Often called the best oysters in South Pacific, the Pacific oysters are al​so available mostly in Tasmania


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Introduced from Japan back in 1940, these quite big oysters are considered to be invasive species and are banned in a number of states. However, here in Tasmania, these are considered to best among the best due to their sweet and creamy taste and uniform shells. These guys can grow as much as 15-20 cm! They are farmed all year through, having to stay in cool waters for 18 to 24 months before being harvested. However, the peak season is only now! It is also recommended​ that you stay away from them during the spawning season in January and February. The oysters are acknowledged​ among all oyster lovers and love the cool climate of Tasmanian winter. So prepare your stomach for some nice treat and go now!

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