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Best season to travel to South Africa

Knysna Oysters

In peak season, thousands of people head to the coast and to Knysna Oyster Festival to try the best seafood

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The town of Knysna, located in Western Cape Province along the Garden Route, is well-known for its excellent oysters. From April to September, you will find truly fresh oysters here, while the seafood out of season is either imported from the northern hemisphere or artificially grown in cold water tanks.

The best occasion to indulge in the legendary local treat is during the Knysna Oyster Festival. It takes runs for ten days during the last week of June or the first week in July—the peak of the oyster season. The festival is ranked among the top ten most popular events in South Africa and is visited by 50,000 gourmets annually. The feast is well-combined with a range of sport competitions, including the favourite BIG5 Sport Challenge, a marathon and cycling tours, and also a number of family activities.

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