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Oyster Safari in the Wadden Sea

Denmark may not be a famous producer of oysters but it definitely has a thing or two to offer


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The Oyster Safari at Wadden Sea National Park is a responsible tourism project designed to save the local ecosystem from the invasive and not indigenous to Denmark pacific oyster. Back in the 1960s there was an attempt to grow them commercially here but it failed and the oysters were breeding freely after that. Now around 500 tons of them live here threatening the ecosystem that includes the migrating birds that feed on them and the native European flat oyster population.

Here, at Wadden Sea, at the western coast of Denmark, you can try collecting your own food (better with the help of a guide, of course). You can even eat it right away if you bring some champagne and lemons to the muddy flats of the newly recognised national park. Here the principal is: "take as many as you can carry". One of the best parts of oyster hunting at Wadden Sea is that you don't have to be knee-deep in water because during the low tide the oysters are found right on the ground.

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