Best season to travel to Tasmania

Lobster Season

Taste Tasmania's culinary delights with a rich local lobster menu

Best time: September–November

Lobster Season

If you happen to travel to Tasmania in the fall, you are lucky to get the best of local seafood​. The Tasmanian people are proud of their rock lobster fishery as it is their major industry. This remote state boasts a pristine environment and provides a perfect environment for the southern rock lobster or crayfish. You can find the rock lobster living in a wide range of habitats: from shallow stony coastal pools to the mainland shelf. Its color usually varies from the deep purple and creamy yellow to reddish-purple.

A fully grown female crayfish can carry over 400,000 eggs. In Tasmanian waters, these females are totally under the protection and must be returned to the water as soon as possible. This is the primary measure implemented by the State Government. But there are lots of them, and all of them were ingrained to ensure the sustainability of this highly prized high-value crustacean.

For those of you who like eating more than catching, lobsters are served in each and every restaurant around the island. Don't miss a chance to try Tasmania's specials such as grilled lobster tail with garlic olive oil and herbs, hot sour lobster soup or lobster souffle.

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