Best season to travel to Provence & French Riviera

Oyster Season

Even if you don't like oysters, you'll love them in France!

Oyster Season

France is the undisputed leader in both producing and consuming oysters in Europe. The country has a long tradition of oyster farming—"L'ostréiculture," and eating them, of course. Although the French eat oysters all year round, in winter you simply can't avoid them because they are everywhere. Especially around Christmas and new Year's Eve since they are the main delicacy on the holiday table. So the markets and shops are full of boxes with fresh oysters packed in ice and sooner or later you get seduced by them. The thing about French oysters is not just that they taste better, but that together with the oysters you get a portion of national pride and the person serving or selling you them has no doubt that these are the best oysters in the world. French oysters in France are actually a ritual of becoming a part of society's elite. If you're planning on coming to Provence between September and April, you should definitely get some fine o​ysters and become more French than ever.

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