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Best season to travel to Seoul

Seafood Season

Seafood lovers would be glad to visit Korea in fall when the best seafood is most abundant and always delicious!


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Visit Korea during the fall season and you will be treated to the three best types of seafood: blue crab, jumbo shrimp, and gizzard shad. The flaky and plump crab meat make up a spicy crab soup. Sometimes they are steamed, sometimes eaten raw after marinating in soy sauce or red chili-pepper paste sauce (a delicacy called gejang).

Jumbo prawns are also cooked in various ways: steamed, boiled, or fried. If you want to enjoy freshly-caught blue crabs and jumbo prawns, head over to the coasts of Chungcheongnam-do. Gizzard shads, on the other hand, are bountiful in the west coast and southern coasts. This fish is best when wrapped in lettuce and seasoned with chili and garlic sauce. They all are also often served grilled or on a platter mixed with vegetables. Yum!

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