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Chuseok or the Korean Thanksgiving Day will not be complete without traditional Songpyeon, Korea's special rice cakes


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Songpyeon is a tasty treat made specially for the harvest season celebrations. There are many types of songpyeon based on the type of rice cake dough and the fillings used. Some of the variations include pumpkin songpyeon with steamed chestnuts or roasted sesame seed filling and the colorful flower songpyeon. These variations have special meanings attached to them. Songpyeon stuffed with ingredients made from beans are meant to symbolize a fulfilled wish relating to one's knowledge or studies. Flower Songpyeon are for vitality or energy, while the maehwa Songpyeon (made without any fillings) are wishes for an excellent outlook on life, and also​ signify the desire for knowledge. To compliment the flavors and meanings of the songpyeon, they are steamed in a layer of pine needles, which gives them an appetizing aroma.

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