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Feria du Melon and Melon Season 2022

Visit Cavaillon's most fragrant and sweet festival and taste some Charentais melons—a local speciality


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Cavaillon is famous for its melons, especially for the Charentais—a very fragrant and sweet variety. The region is so protective of this treat that in the 1980s it established a brotherhood named The Knights of the Order of the Melon which controls the quality of the melons. Since almost all of the melons produced in Cavaillon are consumed locally, the best way to taste them is to visit the annual Feria du Melon. Besides the tastings, you can visit the melon market, the craft market, watch the abrivado, a procession of the bulls through the streets of the city, the procession of traditional provençal horse-drawn carts, or folk-dancing. Lots of restaurants offer a special melon menu or even cooking classes like the one in Le Prévôt where Jean-Jacques Prévôt, a leading Cavaillon chef, will teach you to cook melon beignets or hamburgers with melon, and foie gras.

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