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Considered to be the queen of fruits, mangosteen is a perfect buddy for the durian!

Best time: December–March


Mildly sweet and slightly sour, mangosteen is really popular in Bali. It is often said that this fruit is a cure for everything. It has huge benefits for skin, stomach problems, and bowel ulcers and is even used in traditional medicine. One of the most popular products made of it is the juice that has been long promoted as the healthiest juice ever!

Mangosteen is popular all over the world, but it's actually a native fruit of Bali and other Sunda islands. Once discovered by Europeans, this fruit has become an obsession for gourmets. According to one legend, Queen Victoria offered 100 pounds sterling for a fresh mangosteen. In Bali, this round-shaped purple fruit that has the same size as an apple is called "Manggis". When it's ripe, it can be easily opened by pressing with both palms. Be careful not to stain your clothes when you eat it, as it's not easy to wash it off.

From December through March, mangosteen is available at fruit stalls throughout Bali. The evergreen mangosteen trees are grown in the inland areas of Tabanan regency and in the Bangli regency. A tree grows to be up to 25 m (82 ft) tall.

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