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Seal Watching in Tasmania 2024-2025

Watch Tasmania’s fur seals in the wild

Best time: September–May

Seal Watching
Seal Watching

Don't miss a chance to watch these adorable animals resting on the beaches of Bull Rock, Reid Rocks, Tenth Island and The Friars. Take a glass-bottomed boat to have a better look, or try a perspex dive tube if you are willing to see them really close. Although seals look really friendly and calm, they may also get aggressive if you annoy them with photos too much.

Practical info

When is the ideal time for viewing seals in Tasmania?

Between September to May, seals can be easily spotted on the shores of Tasmania as the seas are fairly calm. Moreover, female seals give birth and nurse their young in summers making autumn an ideal time to spot these cute pups. This makes autumn the best time to visit Tasmania for seal watching. Show more

What are the popular locations for spotting seals in Tasmania?

Tasmania offers various locations for seal watching including The Friars, Reid Rocks, Tenth Island, and Bull Rock. These locations provide a natural habitat for seals, away from humans, making them ideal hotspots for seal watching. You may witness these friendly marine creatures in their natural habitat by visiting any of these places. Show more

Which kind of boat is recommended for a seal-watching trip in Tasmania?

While planning a seal-watching tour in Tasmania, a few options are available. Tour boats, perspex dive tubes, glass-bottom boats, canoes, and kayaks are a great way to get closer to the seals without disturbing their habitat. A glass-bottom boat provides better views of the seals swimming underwater, while a perspex dive tube offers a unique and enjoyable way to get an up-close experience with seals. Show more

What's the minimum safe distance one should maintain from seals during seal watching?

Seals tend to be calm, friendly creatures; however, getting too close to them can be dangerous as they may feel threatened and become aggressive. A minimum distance of 30 meters (100 feet) should be maintained to stay safe while viewing these seals. During breeding season, it is especially important as the seals can become aggressive. It is better to keep a distance and avoid any unwanted interaction with them. Show more

What precautions should one take while photographing seals?

Photographing seals requires certain precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of these animals. Disturbing and harassing seals while taking pictures is prohibited. Additionally, using flash photography or external lighting may startle or even blind the seals. Zoom lenses can be used instead to capture clear pictures from a safe distance. It's recommended to follow the guidelines given by the tour guide to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience of taking pictures with seals. Show more

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