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Polar Bear Watching in Alaska

Alaska is one of the few regions in the world where it is possible to spot polar bears

Polar Bear Watching

Watching wild polar bears in their natural habitat is one of the unique experiences in the world. The symbol of Arctic can be spotted near the Katovik and Barrow communities. The period between August and October is a ​no-ice season, so bears usually rest on the​ beaches, that’s why it’s the best time to see these animals. Powerful predators of water and ice, polar bears can​ be dangerous for human, so keep your distance.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Alaska to see polar bears?

Visitors can catch a glimpse of polar bears in Alaska from late August to early October. The ​'no-ice season' during this period provides a great opportunity to spot the bears lounging on the beaches. The best time to see polar bears is when it is easy to spot them in their natural habitat. Show more

Where can I spot polar bears in Alaska?

The best places to observe polar bears are the remote areas near the communities of Katovik and Barrow in Alaska. Booking a guided tour with a knowledgeable guide who knows these areas is highly recommended. Approaching the polar bears within 300 feet is strictly forbidden, and observing them from a distance is the best way to visit them safely. Show more

How close can I get to the polar bears, and is it safe to observe them from a distance?

Getting too close to polar bears is dangerous as these animals are predators. Approaching them within 300ft in Alaska is prohibited by law. Therefore, observing them from a safe distance on foot or vehicles is best. Tour guides are always there to oversee the safety of visitors and ensure that they comply with the state's regulations. It is crucial to maintain safety for both the wildlife and visitors when observing polar bears in Alaska. Show more

What should I consider when planning a trip to see polar bears in Alaska?

Booking a guided tour is a great idea, as they have excellent experiences and knowledge of local conditions and state regulations. Warm clothes, strong hiking boots, and other necessary equipment are essential items to pack. Traveling by small ship or fly and drive tour is recommended, and it is crucial to research the area's weather conditions beforehand. Pre-booking hotel accommodation is something to consider as well. Show more

What are some other unique experiences or attractions to explore while visiting Alaska besides polar bear watching?

Alaska is home to many attractions and experiences besides polar bear watching. A visit to Mount McKinley, North America's highest peak, is a must-see. In addition, Denali National Park, Alyeska Ski Resort, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Talkeetna are some of the unique places tourists can enjoy and explore. Tourists can also participate in other activities like dog sledding, hiking, fishing, and whale watching during their visit to Alaska. Show more

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